Sunday, August 21, 2011

not Duluth and not quite urban either

Last week I went to Wisconsin Point with some friends. It is technically possible to get there with bus and bike, but it is a lot easier with a vehicle, so as a result I generally don't get out there unless somebody else drives me. It was more peopled than any of us would have liked, but that is to be expected on a beautiful summer evening. Although there was easily more dragonflies than people, which was nice and as it should be.

A single spotted sandpiper picked along the rocks by the pier, being rather obligingly placid and friendly. I got a ton of blurry pictures, but nothing exactly greeting-card worthy. My birder friend said he was in his winter plumage already.

In a patch of milkweed and knapweed just off of the parking lot, there was a small colony of frogs that were spectacularly talented at silently creeping away through the layers of grass and weeds every time we approached so that never got a clear look at one. Finally, the three of us managed to corner one of them and flush it into the open so that we could ID and photograph it (yes, we torment frogs for fun). It was past dusk by then, so the lighting is terrible from my flash, but our specimen was a beautiful leopard frog (and we did let him back in the weeds after we were done with him).

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