Monday, August 9, 2010

swimmin' again

Today the high temp (according to my thermometer) was 88 and the humidity level was around 70% most of the day, and if that isn't a perfect day to go jump in the lake, I don't know what is. This time I didn't want to make the trek to a specific "swimming beach" so I just found some little cove in the hillside where the shoreline is rocky and the rocks are kind of slimy once you're more than a few feet in, but the water is cool and clear. I floated around for a while, then after I went back on the rocks to dry off, a flock of mergansers paddled in, diving for fish right where I'd been swimming. Further down the beach there was a sandpiper of some variety, I never got close enough to see any details. Later, a cormorant arrived; he'd swoop underwater and disappear for a long, long time, and then would invariably come up with a glittering fish clasped in his mouth.

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  1. It's definitely all relative. Our temps in the southeast corner (Bluff Country) are about unbearable. Cold Lake Superior sounds good to me. My spouse and I will soon head up to the North Shore, cool down, and I could work on my shorebird ID's. :)