Monday, April 5, 2010

wood frog pandemonium

Finally got up to the Antenna Farm at dusk, and as predicted, it is teeming with frogs. The tiny vernal pools were quiet when I started out (around 6:30 p.m.) but at the pond it was wood frog pandemonium, then by the time I was heading back (7:45 p.m.) the frogs in the vernal pools had started up, too. I might have heard a spring peeper, too, but over all the wood frogs it was hard to tell if the peeping was from a bird or a frog. I got some video from the pond, although the sound quality isn't as nice as I'd like. The video starts off following a brown creeper up a tree, so visually it's not just scenery.

The snowmobile trails are unsloppy enough to walk down again, and now that the snow's gone I can see that there's tons and tons of garbage in the woods. Mostly of the rusted metal variety, which'll eventually rust into nothing, but lots of plastic, too. Next time I'm out I'll have to bring a garbage bag with me.

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